We grow each day committed to a better world. We sponsor educational and social projects that raise the well-being and quality of life of our employees and the community around us.


Partnership APAE

The FK Group values the human being in all spheres of society. This valorization is achieved through a partnership with APAE – Association of Parents and Exceptional Friends of Bariri – Special Education for Work Program.

The fruit of this union is the Project Inclusion for Work, which opens opportunities for people with special needs to experience the daily life of a company, developing their skills, building their identity and being part of the team of employees.

Term of Commitment to Social Responsibility

The FK Group, aware of its commitment to the world tendency to provide workers with adequate conditions in the work environment, the signatories of the FK Group assume, through this term of social commitment, the responsibility to observe and comply with them, striving for all their efforts to suit promptly to the established. Therefore, we endorse our agreement with the following standards of social responsibility and commit ourselves to pass these requirements on to our respective partners:

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Promoting quality of life at work is part of our values! It is important to show that the value of each individual goes beyond the execution of their professional activity. Some of the dates celebrated: Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter.


Providing moments of joy, helping others and encouraging social actions that show how useful we can be for the community is one of our priorities. We vibrated when we saw the smile on a child’s face when he received a simple toy or a warm-up to warm it up in winter!


Being healthy is fundamental to the proper functioning of the body and mind. Aware of this concept, the FK Group promotes campaigns that aim to prevent and take care of the health of its employees, providing a complete outpatient service, with a team of doctors and nurses.


Our universe is permeated with technology and human skills, which together result in continuous transformation and improvement in the development and manufacturing processes of our solutions. Opening the doors to the community, allowing young students to know our facilities, have contact with the reality of the manufacturing sector and the universe of professional opportunities within the industry, is another important action developed by the group.


We develop Incentive Education Projects for our employees through partnerships with technical and language schools, colleges and postgraduate courses, providing better conditions for all those seeking evolution and improvement. Scholarships are granted in the modalities of technical education, undergraduate and MBA, with application of knowledge within the organization itself.


The FK Group is committed to sustainable development by acting responsibly with guidelines that minimize the impacts of its activities on the environment and optimize the use of raw materials.


We were the first company to seek the elimination of CFCs in foam production and through participation in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), we confirmed our commitment to execute the processes of manufacturing polyurethane in a sustainable way.


FK Group’s 3 largest plants have their energy matrix based on renewable energy generation means. The matrix comprises a mix of solar, hydroelectric, biogas, SHP and power generation from landfills.


Through its certification system, the FSC® seal recognizes the responsible production of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make conscious purchasing decisions, benefiting people and the environment, as well as adding value to the business.